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Tag: monster

Orc's Battle 5 Reels 50 Paylines +Free Spins +Wilds +Scatters full review
Monster Smash 5 Reels 5 Paylines +Tropical Bonus,Smash 'Em Bonus +Scatters full review
Cosmic Fortune 5 Reels 15 Paylines +Avalanche,Free Spins,Free Falls Bonus +Wilds +Scatters full review
Monster Money (2013) 5 Reels 20 Paylines +Monster Money, Pick & Win +Wilds +Scatters full review
Monsters Party 5 Reels 20 Paylines +Free Spins +Wilds +Scatters full review free play
Mad Money Monster 3 Reels 1 Paylines +Nudge,Hi-Lo full review free play
Monster Cash 5 Reels 20 Paylines +Free Spins,Mummy Bonus,Monster Dash +Wilds +Scatters full review free play
Monster Meteors 5 Reels 25 Paylines +Free Spins +Bonus Game +Wilds +Scatters full review
Monsters in the Closet 5 Reels 50 Paylines +Free Spins,Scary Slam Bonus,Haunted Destination Bonus +Wilds +Scatters full review
Arcadia i3D 5 Reels 243 Paylines +Free Spins +Wilds +Scatters full review free play
Swamp of Fortune 5 Reels 20 Paylines +Free Spins, Bonus Feature,CREEPY CREATURES BONUS FEATURE +Wilds +Scatters full review
Spooky Slot 5 Reels 20 Paylines +Trick or Treat Bonus +Wilds +Scatters full review
Monster Mayhem 5 Reels 50 Paylines +Bonus Round +Wilds +Scatters full review
Monster Carlo II 5 Reels 20 Paylines +Free Spins +Wilds +Scatters full review free play
Diggin' Deep 5 Reels 20 Paylines +Free Spins,Pick a Crate Bonus, +Wilds +Scatters full review free play
Horror Show 5 Reels 5 Paylines +Devil You Know Bonus,Spinning Wheel Bonus +Scatters full review free play
Monster Carlo 3 Reels 1 Paylines, Progressive full review free play
Monster Wheels 5 Reels 288 Paylines +Free Spins Choice +Wilds +Scatters full review
The Phantom's Curse 5 Reels 40 Paylines +Masked Phantom Re-spin +Wilds +Scatters full review
Scary Friends 5 Reels 25 Paylines +Free Spins +Wilds +Scatters full review

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Latest Slot Reviews - The Phantom's Curse

The Phantom's Curse, aka Universal Monsters - The Phantom's Curse, is an online slot from NetEnt which is based on the original 1920’s horror movie from Universal Monsters™ and it’s the latest instalment in the Universal Monsters series.

This is a full-featured branded slot with NetEnt’s characteristic more »

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